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2015 Submissions

Apathy (PMD) Grunge Song
Bass down low (RK-icK) Dubstep Song
Staring (PMD) Grunge Song

2013 Submissions

Hiatus Broken Dubstep Song
I'm ill RK-icK Dubstep Song
Street Beat Creeps Dubstep Song
exterminate Dubstep Song
God of Hell Fire Dubstep Song
The Day The Earth Stood Still Dubstep Song
chew and nall Indie Song
an adavism Grunge Song
tied up and glitched out Drum N Bass Song
ground control Drum N Bass Song
black sunshine Techno Song
give me that 8 bit shit Drum N Bass Song
Quick Fix Drum N Bass Song

2009 Submissions

euthanasia Drum N Bass Song
cod 7 Drum N Bass Song
white rabbit (remixed) Techno Song
epic emotions Trance Song
tumbling on orange guns Techno Song

2008 Submissions

chemical dependence (fixed) Techno Song
rolling on yellow guns Trance Song
facing greed Industrial Song
castigate Industrial Song
effigy Industrial Song
united resistance Industrial Song
the freakshow Industrial Song
bama-jama Grunge Song
sunshine show Grunge Song