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DragonFarce DragonFarce

Rated 5 / 5 stars

loved it

it's great that you took the lyrics apart and matched them up with all kinda of funny funny a 5/5 and 10/10

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Rock Defense Rock Defense

Rated 2 / 5 stars

you got something here but...

I hope this is unfinished. I see a lot of potential in this so maybe i can offer some stuff that could make this game better than the rating it's getting
1. add a pick your language buttons so you can widen your gaming audience
2. music of course. i think it would be interesting if had it when one starts to play a part that music part starts as well in the main audio, like drums start the drums in the the music start, guitarist starts the guitar part starts and so forth but make it to well it's the first one who start the attack starts the track and the 2nd doesn't do anything to the sound. be cool if you could pick what style of music you play as well. this all can be done if you just get the music unmastered with each instruments in there own tracks. can help you on that if your lost. (the music part not programming that is)
3. more variety of people on both sides, like a singer, keyboardist, turntables, etc. and maybe different enemys that go side to side and some fight back like the country singer looking dude plays his own against you. or crazy groupies that run really fast at you.
4. more upgrades (cause what's a drummer without a bass drum or guitar without his pedal board ) and more levels instead of just one endless level.
5. lengthening the line a little bit so you can see them coming.

overall like the style, graphics, and the idea of it. just keep working on it. hope to see the finished product soon to give it a better rating.

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Famer vs Zombies Famer vs Zombies

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

the chicken says cluck, cluck, BOOM!

not a bad game. it kind of reminds me of another one i've played a long time ago. it does need more types of units for both sides. and the cow is a little weak to me but, the chicken cracked me up more than anything :D like who would have thought placing high explosive on a chicken would be so much fun. you deff got something just keep working on it.

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Audio Murder Audio Murder

Rated 2 / 5 stars

well for you first...

it's not too bad until the drops. the piano part is beautiful. the rise and drop is perfect but, as for the heavy part it really just nonsense. believe or not dubstep does follow very complex music patterns and theories. some few parts i would leave in there, but most of it get rid of. i don't know what program your using but when it comes to dubstep 98% of all the composers use native instruments massive. you can grab that anywhere online and use it as a vst plugin (like pt fl or god help reasons). it's as much as a "must have" as a distortion pedal is to a metal guitarist. and maybe drop the kick down to about c4 to give it a deeper thump. but i will say it does have potential. My first one wasn't great either. took me a bit to really merge my style into this genre. I will say your braver than me for putting you very first one up. i think i erased my from existence. just keep at it i'm sure at least by the third one you'll catch that filthy bug.

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MazinMark responds:

Wow thank you for the tips! I guess I am pretty brave for posting it:P I posted it in hopes that I would get a review exactly like this, I don't care about reputation. I want to become better at producing Dubstep and you really helped out. Thanks! I like this review better than getting a 10.

Scary Monsters (Remix) Scary Monsters (Remix)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

sounds awsome

i do see some good points for drop about 0:50-51ist where the drums drop maybe don't repeat the last bar and let it echo, or just a quick pause. and the 8 bit part seems so much louder than the filth. I think it would be the opposite of that. should blaste my head off during that time compared to the other part. Just some suggestions but love the intro and outro whole song is very nice. btw the snare you use is that sample pure or compressed been looking for a harder hitting snare sample and just don't wanna have to rip it from my emx cause it's always a bitch to get to sound right off there.

jpbear responds:

Yes the volume is an issue, the intro and outro were relitively easy to mix, while theres too much info on the low end in the grittier sections taking up headroom.

Dont really understand what you are saying about the snare? If you are asking whether its compressed, the answer is yes and heavily. If you want a sample of it pm me.

Thanks for the intent listen, review, and thoughts ^.^

Mind and Body Mind and Body

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

so close to a 10 man

it's interesting and got a flow but seems like it's missing a few things.....can't wait to hear the work in it's complete form.